Trust and Probate Administration


At the Kreitler Law Firm, we assist clients in regard to both trust administration and probate administration. When a loved one dies and leaves their assets in a trust, the trustee (who is in charge of the trust estate) will need assistance in regard to handling the assets, dealing with creditor issues, advising or updating beneficiaries, and dealing with tax issues. If the assets were not left in a trust, it will have to go through the probate process. Our staff is likewise trained and skilled in guiding clients through the probate process. There are many options with respect to the probate process that may be a better fit for the client's particular situation, and our staff is available and ready to assist in regard to either trust administration or probate administration with respect to assisting the trustee or the personal representative.

Furthermore, if a loved one becomes incapacitated or disabled, the Kreitler Law Firm is able to assist in regard to obtaining the necessary court orders and judgments to assist a guardian or conservator in handling the affairs and the estate of the loved one who has become incapacitated or disabled.

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